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SEEDS (a non-profit organization tax id #26-2446056) mission is to strengthen the minds and hearts of children, enrich their education, enliven their spirits, develop their passions and spark their curiosity. SEEDS is a Laguna Beach-based 949.322.9597

Friends program (envelopes are on the table)
Attending our events and educational programs; (fliers at the table such as handcrafts)
Sponsoring our events and educational programs (individuals, corporations, foundations)
SCRIPS (fliers on table).

Model Farm to School Table program at Anneliese Schools,
Development of an interdisciplinary curriculum for children in Farm to School Table Programs
Handcraft Program for the children and adults
Children’s Dance Program
Scholarships to enrich children’s lives

Children plant and harvest organic crops culminating in a meal they prepare from the “fruits oftheir labor.”

All events are posted at

One Earth One Dream workshop (current), Annual Art Auction; Parent Lecture Series;Handcrafts, Farmer’s Market,

SEEDS is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of children’s education byfunding programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities. SEEDS supports arts and educationprograms that promote stewardship of the land, such as organic gardening, environmentalawareness, and conservation; and programs that foster academic excellence in literacy,numeracy, science and humanities. SEEDS is devoted to enhancing quality of life for children andtheir respective communities.

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