Local Food Suppliers

For our 100-Mile Feast, Orange County chefs relied on the following local food suppliers to provide ingredients for their delicious menu items:

Zucchini “Sushi” Roll
Chef Jessica McLeish and Chef Jonathan Pflueger, Sourced Cuisine

Roasted Butternut Squash 
Chef Carli Sevedra, Seed & Soil

Roasted Kobacha Soup 
Lindsay Smith-Rosales, Nirvana Grille

Roasted Suzie’s Farm Carrot + Dandelion Greens Salad 
Chef Ryan Adams, Three Seventy Common

Cook Pigs Ranch Roast 
Chef Camron Woods, The Ranch Laguna Beach

  • Pork RoastCook Pigs Ranch
  • Sunchokes – Weiser Farms, Tehachapi
  • Quince Terry Ranch, Dinuba

100-Mile Pumpkin Fennel Bread Pudding
Chef Debra Sims, Maro Wood Grill

Wine Provided by BK Cellars 

Mead Provided by Golden Coast Mead

100-Mile Menu

Here’s what our amazing chefs have created to serve at the 100-Mile Feast. All items from this amazing menu have been sourced within 100 miles of Laguna Beach!


Zucchini “Sushi” Roll
Chef Jessica McLeish and Chef Jonathan Pflueger, Sourced Cuisine

Roasted Butternut Squash Chef Carli Sevedra, Seed & Soil


Roasted Kobacha Soup 
Lindsay Smith-Rosales, Nirvana Grille


Roasted Suzie’s Farm Carrot + Dandelion Greens Salad 
Chef Ryan Adams, Three Seventy Common


Cook Pigs Ranch Roast 
Chef Camron Woods, The Ranch Laguna Beach


100-Mile Pumpkin Fennel Bread Pudding
Chef Debra Sims, Maro Wood Grill

Wine Provided by BK Cellars 

Mead Provided by Golden Coast Mead

100-Mile Chefs

Meet the Chefs of SEEDS’ 100-Mile Feast:

Lindsay Smith-Rosales, Nirvana Grille
At Nirvana Grille & Catering, one can only expect a state of bliss when experiencing the care and quality put into the entire dining experience onsite at the restaurant or offsite with their catering services. With seasonally changing menus, the restaurant pride’s its’ reputation on local, seasonal, GMO Free,  and organic produce when ever available, only the best sustainable seafood options, hormone, organic, all natural, antibiotic free meats and poultry, as well as many safe gluten free options. Celebrated Owner/Executive Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales is dedicated to healthy, good-for-you ingredients with uncompromising flavors and a bit of indulgence that engage and delight the senses with their Clean California Cuisine, or ‘locally driven food with a conscience and minimal impact to the environment,’ as the chef explains. Chef Smith-Rosales and husband Luis Rosales truly are hospitality industry vets focusing their combined experience into perfecting the art and merriment of a welcoming relaxed yet refined ambience with personalized service, a notable wine list, and sensational food that one can’t wait to experience again and again. NirvanaGrille.com.  



Chef Debra Sims, Maro Wood Grill

Executive Chef Debra Sims’ passion for sustainable, seasonal cuisine combined with her mastery of wood-fired grilling, brings to life a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Maro Wood Grill. Growing up in Colorado, Debra was inspired by fresh ingredients and developed a true love for the farm-to-table style of cooking. Upon realizing her culinary calling, she worked her way from Line Cook, to Sous Chef, to Pastry Chef, then Executive Chef where she leads the Maro Wood Grill kitchen today. Consistency and perseverance drive this tiny restaurant where accolades have been given for Best Burger in Laguna Beach and they are THREE time recipients of the Best Dessert as votedon by the people’s choice Golden Foodie Awards presented by the Orange County Restaurant Association. www.marowoodgrill.com.


Chef Jessica McLeish and Chef Jonathan Pflueger, Sourced Cuisine
Sourced was launched by Chefs Jonathan Pflueger and Jessica McLeish. Laguna Beach foodies remember Chef Jonathan Pflueger as chef owner of the much loved restaurant in downtown Laguna Beach, Vertical, or from his work at top local restaurants and resorts including The Ritz, Ritz-Carlton and Montage. He is back in his home town unnamedLaguna Beach after several award-winning restaurant ventures around the world, most recently in Hawaii.
Chef Jessica McLeish is a Laguna Beach based raw food chef who helped to develop an urban farm business in Laguna Beach.  She worked as a private chef providing raw food for clie-nts who were chronically ill, made with vegetables freshly picked from the local urban farm she helped to build. www.sourcedcuisine.com



Chef Carli Sevedra, Seed & Soil
Carli started working in the culinary industry at a very young age as a hostess at the age of 15 and quickly became a server. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, she realized that she had fallen in love with cooking, food, flavors, and all the aspects of working in the kitchen. She attended the Art Institute and earned a diploma in Food Science, Baking, and Pastry and eventually  worked her way up to Executive Chef. She founded Seed & Soil to research and develop new ways to nourish ourselves properly and responsibly, in turn taking care of our land, sky, soil, and seas. With Seeds & Soil, Carli is able to take pride in her work, by teaching individuals how to be aware of these products that are all around us, and show people how it is possible to eat responsibly, sustainably, and take back control of the well being of themselves and their families.




Chef Ryan Adams, Three Seventy Common

Russo-Carpathian German middle child and Chef-Proprietor of Three Seventy Common, born and raised in Orange County, Ca., Ryan was heavily influenced by his family.  His Grandmother didn’t believe in restaurants. She grew her own produce and cooked everything.  His dad always worked with his hands and his mom made everything special for him because of his picky-eater tendencies, until one day it was declared, “MAKE IT YOURSELF.” So Ryan discovered the spice drawer, a devilish streak found im busted for breaking windows or scuffing up the neighbor kids enough times to get him stuck at the kitchen table on veggie-cleaning duty or in the garden picking beans. Inspired by classic country music and speed metal alke, vintage cars & knives, surfing, skating and a good bloody rib-eye, Ryan’s food is dynamic. He’s traveled far and wide and has cooked, sweat and yelled in over 40 kitchens. Now, at the helm of his new eatery, he brings it back to home. “No matter where you come from or what happens during your day, you always find yourself around the table, sharing a meal with the ones you love.” http://www.370common.com  




Chef Camron Woods, The Ranch Laguna Beach

As the director of culinary operations and executive chef of The Ranch Laguna Beach, Chef Camron oversees our resort’s two restaurants, as well as our banquet and catering program. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, he embarked on his culinary career at Woodlands Resort and Inn in Summerville, starting humbly as a dishwasher and working his way up to executive sous chef, while receiving extensive training from respected chef Ken Vedrinski. During Chef Camron’s eight-year tenure at Woodlands, the resort attained world-class status and numerous awards, including becoming the first Five Star and Five Diamond property in the state. Having earned these awards simultaneously, Woodlands earned membership into the prestigious Relais & Chateaux and Relais Gourmand. https://www.theranchlb.comranch_logo-seal-spot (2)





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Wine Provided by BK Cellars 

Microsoft Word - Goldencoast.docx

Mead Provided by Golden Coast Mead



Ark Chefs

Some of Our Guest Chefs and Featured Food Items:

Ryan Adams – Chef-Owner of Three Seventy Common Kitchen + Drink in Laguna Beach, a local favorite gastropub-style restaurant. Ryan often contributes his culinary talent to local sustainable, eco-friendly culinary events such as the Slow Food Bommer Canyon BBQ, cooking classes at Anneliese School, Green Feast at the Ecology Center, and a Transition Laguna Beach holiday party. Ryan’s Ark of Taste dish will feature a sausage made from American Plains Bison, Vela Dry Jack Cheese, local greens and a lime aioli.

Debra Sims – Executive chef at Maro Wood Grill, a Laguna Beach restaurant known for its creative, thoughtful food and support local farming, ranching and fishing. She will be preparing Bay Scallop Ceviche.

Vincent Lesage – Executive chef at the Balboa Bay Club. He will be creating Octopus Ceviche, Avocado puree,  Mission Olive Aioli, Jicama Salad and Micro Cilantro.

Michael Millar – Slow Food member will prepare Olympic Native Oysters, the only oyster native to the West Coast.

Nate Overstreet – Owner of Wheat and Sons in the Anaheim Packing District, he will be making Pork Rillon, Fire Roasted Mesquite and Blue Cornmeal.

Taylor Wright – The acclaimed pastry chef, recently returned from Australia just in time to bake Strawberry Shortcakes made with Red Fife Wheat.

Paul Chamberlin – Chef-Owner of Boldo, a seriously local restaurant opening this Spring on the 4th Street Promenade in Santa Ana where ingredients will be sourced from within Orange County. Paul is also working to develop a Restaurant Supported Agriculture program and a Yard Farming Initiative. He will lead the children’s program.

Kerri Annick Cacciata – Chef-Owner of Local Tastes Better, offering sustainable dinners and catering. Kerry also conducts DIY workshops at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano and the Center for Living Peace. She will be preparing House Cured Grape Leaves with Indian Spiced Anishaabeg Wild Rice, Halloumi Cheese and Chef’s Garden Herbs.

Amber Billiard – Craft bartender at SideDoor, will mix a unique Ark of Taste Cocktail “Riki Tiki Tacy” using American Rye Whiskey as well as a non-alcoholic drink “Life’s a Peach”.

Aquafarm will provide Olympic Native Oysters, the only oyster native to the West Coast. Carlsbad Aquafarm is Southern California’s only aquafarm growing eco-friendly mussels, oysters, clams, abalone, scallops and culinary seaweed since 1990 in Carlsbad, California. Seafood for the Future and Aquarium of the Pacific of Long Beach proudly support Carlsbad Aquafarms’ efforts to provide fresh, local and sustainable seafood products.

2015 Herbal Symposium Class Descriptions

TerraVita Herbal Class Descriptions

Saturday, February 28th

9-9:30 a.m.: Opening and Introduction in Great Hall

9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.:  Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • Conversations On Health: Inside the Mind of a Seasoned Sagittarian Herbalist with James Green

Our HEALTH is huge; It’s everywhere, inside us, outside us, and all around us. Health is innate and abundant in all creatures and in every aspect of Nature, and each of us is a cherished member of Nature; Vibrant health is our natural heritage. This is evident in the abounding joy, vitality and playfulness of all children, and it rides on every breath we take; Health never leaves us. We are never broken.

Finding the means to allow the experience of our health (along with having fun) is the central reason we organize and attend herbal symposiums. Re-experiencing health and vitality is the bottom-line of today’s herbal research, herb school curriculums, writing and reading herbals. All this is vital to evolve our herbal lore. However, it has become apparent — in our current pathology oriented society — that in our arenas of herbal studies we are looking for health primarily through the windows of disease, and treating symptoms of illness is receiving the predominant share of our herbal conversations.

Certainly, relieving pain and suffering is invaluable, and herbal therapeutics do that phenomenally well. But, we won’t find health by merely pursuing a focus on mitigating disease symptoms. We need to experience more of the joy of herbs and focus far more on what we really want… allowing ourselves to fully experience our HEALTH (Dr. Bach got it right with his teachings and flower essences).

These ideas occupy my mind more and more in these years of my herbal practice. That’s what I want to talk with you about.

  • The Amazing World of Medicinal Mushrooms with Karen Aguiar and Terri Jensen

Join us as we foray into the remarkable world of Medicinal Mushrooms. We will root around the duff of historical uses and folklore as well as uncover the most current research and findings. We will examine some intriguing specimens and sample a few interesting extracts.

  • The Balance of Blood Sugar with Shana Lipner Grover

Blood sugar plays a vital role in how our bodies work and yet the actual way sugar affects us is deceptive.  Prepare to be De-Mystified!  This introduction to the physiology of blood sugar, and the relationship food and herbs play, will help to understand the complex relationship between insulin, sugar, fiber, diabetes, heart disease and much more.  Food choices and herbal medicine play vital roles in encouraging the balance that feeds into our daily energy and whether we store or burn fuel.  This class will change the way you think about food!

  • Planning, Planting and Maintaining Your Medicinal Herb Garden with Julie James

There are many reasons to grow your own herbs, but none more important than the connection to the plant, the relationship that forms between you and your plant allies. Being intimately involved in every aspect of their growth and nourishment, and having the honor of respectful harvesting and medicine-making from plants that you have become friends with, this profoundly changes how you approach medicine-making, and herbalism as a whole.

For those who are experienced herbalists, as well as those just starting on the path, creating space and time to care for your plant allies, even if it’s only a few in pots on your porch, or a small plot of land in a community garden, will change how and what you learn, how and what you cook, and how and what you make into medicine. And growing our own healing herbs teaches us mindfulness and attention–two practices that also deeply enrich our lives, that we cultivate along with the plants.

Further, and I do love this so much, it will change how you think about those delightful green friends we call weeds: mallow, dandelion, purslane, curly dock–these become symbols of abundance and healing, not enemies to be conquered. Just stop for a moment and think about what a change of mindset like that can do for you.

12- 1:30 p.m.: Vegetarian lunch included – provided by Whole Foods.

1:30-4 p.m.:  Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  •  An Overview of Calming Herbs with Howie Brounstein 

In today’s hectic multi-tasking culture, herbs that quiet and calm the nervous system and offset the effects of stress are some of the most popular herbs. This class will cover the general uses of these tranquillizing and muscle relaxing plants, ranging from insomnia and circular thoughts to cramps and sprains. We will explore specific herbs like skullcap, valerian, passionflower, kava-kava, and more. This class is taught with case histories and a liberal sprinkling of humor.

This class can be taken alone, but makes an excellent first part to “Adapting to Stress with Adaptogens” as a mini-series on “Herbs and Stress Reduction.”

  • Returning to Ease: Flower essences to support pleasure and well being with Mark D’ Aquila

Pleasure as an integral aspect of health is the focus for this talk.  In this workshop I will share some simple ways to use flower remedies to encourage deeper relaxation, soften resistance, re-pattern stress responses, support peace amid busyness and offer ways to deal with exigency that support remaining centered. My aim is to help you unravel patterns at their core so you can return to ease. In this workshop you will learn which remedies to use to support acute stress and for long term re-patterning.

  • Mindful Eating and Organic Gardening: Lessons from the Soil About Personal & Global Sustainability with Deborah Eden Tull

This is a workshop for personal growth as well as an invitation to integrate the principles of mindful eating and organic gardening more fully into your daily life. How we do anything is how we do everything.  There are myriad lessons to learn about inner and outer sustainability from organic gardening and working with the soil, and vital lessons to learn about ourselves and our capacity to live in balance, by bringing more presence and mindful awareness to our relationship with food. The kitchen is the hearth of our home and our relationship with food is a reflection of our care for ourselves and our world. Learning to embody personal sustainability is a challenge for everyone living in today’s fast-paced world, and in this workshop, we will allow our relationship with food – how we grow it and how we consume it – to illuminate us. How we treat ourselves and how we treat our world are one and the same. This workshop involves mindful eating, lecture, meditation, writing exercises and group discussion, and hands-on gardening.

  • Herbal Support for Body Systems with Julie James

While herbal medicines and healing foods have whole-body effects and nourishing qualities, there are those plants that have specific organ affinities, and virtues, actions, and energetics that restore and balance health in a particular organ or system.

In this class, we’ll review the functions of each body system, go over basic anatomy and physiology, and look at some common disorders of that system. We will then discuss basic herbal, nutritional and dietary protocols for restoring balance to these systems, for supporting and providing deep nourishment to the organs involved, and look at lifestyle and environmental factors associated with imbalance.
We will be playing with and exploring the herbs, as well. You’ll have the opportunity to taste and otherwise experiment with a wide variety of the healing plants, as tinctures, glycerites, acetums, oils, and foods, and we will make a tonifying tea blend or two in class for you to take home and work with.

4 p.m.-8 p.m.: Market Place, United Plant Savers Auction/Raffle and Herbal Festivities (open to the public)


Sunday, March 1st

9-9:30 a.m.: Welcome and Introduction of the teachers

9 a.m.-4 p.m.: Children’s Program led by Jodi Levine-Wright of Earthroots Field School – includes lunch.

In this all day program children ages 5-12 (younger when accompanied by an adult) will learn to identify and harvest herbs for first aid while exploring on a short plant walk. Using stories, plant drawings, games, poultices, teas and the art of salve making, we will connect with the healing properties of plants throughout the day. Each child will bring home a jar of salve or lip balm that they have helped to make.

9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.: Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • Adapting to Stress with Adaptogens with Howie Brounstein

Adaptogens help your body “adapt” to stress and are one of the largest selling categories of herbs these days. People often confuse adaptogens with calming herbs (nervines). Each adaptogen works in drastically different ways to help your body resist stress. We will discuss this relatively new category of herbs, including herb specific details, mechanisms of action, and the dangers of misuse. We will explore specific herbs like ginseng, devil’s club, rhodiola, maca, and more. This class is taught with case histories and a liberal sprinkling of humor.

This class can be taken alone, but makes an excellent second part to “Calming Herbs (Nervines)” as a mini-series on “Herbs and Stress Reduction.”

  • Power of the Sea with Trish Gallagher

The west coast is home to over 150 species of marine algae many of which are used as food and medicine. We will learn the basics of seaweed eating and home remedies along with some of the traditional uses. We will take a step further and learn about the radio protective qualities of the brown kelps and their role in preventing nuclear contamination.

  • Health Care for Men and Boys: Information given in celebration of Male Playfulness, Health & Well-being • Lively libidos • Hearty erectile function & Happy loving lust with James Green

In 1990 there were numerous published herbals focused on women’s health and herbal nourishment, but none devoted to the care of men and boys; So, I wrote one. It did well. In 2000 I revised the 1st edition and included a Western Constitutional Health Model that embraces the herbal nourishment and health of both males and females. It’s doing well.

This class is a progeny of these publications, and time allowing, will address:

  • Constitutional differentiation
  • Testosterone management (Mens connection with Earth and Beauty)
  • Choreography of an erection (both male and female)
  • Healthy erectile function… Ejaculation control (So, what is a “Mature” ejaculation?)
  • Prostate health
  • Libidoing
  • Young boys’ rights of passage (Are there any in our culture?)… Circumcision
  • Fathers at their children’s births
  • Old Men (Where are they? Are they really invisible?)
  • Romance in our culture (Is it just hiding out? Is there an app for it?)

Fathers, sons, wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters are ardently invited to attend.

12-1:30 p.m: Vegetarian lunch included – provided by Whole Foods.

1:30-4 p.m: Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • Mucous and you, managing the flow! With Shana Lipner Grover

Mucous plays a vital role in the body but as with everything, it needs to be balanced or it can seem like a cause of problems. Diet, environmental allergens and lifestyle all play vital roles in our bodies immune system and mucous is part of that response.  We will talk about the physiology of mucous and membranes and discuss the role herbal medicine can play in bringing balance to make your mucous work for you instead of against you!

  • Herbal Medicine Making, The Next Step: Using Solvents and Techniques Effectively with Karen Aguiar and Terri Jensen – intermediate/advanced level

Are your herbal medicine making techniques yielding the results that you want? We will discuss which solvents and techniques are most effective for extracting which plant constituents, and we will do some simple testing to see if we are getting what we are seeking. We’ll discuss what we love best, making potent herbal medicine. All secrets told! This class is for the experienced medicine maker.

  • Happy Healthy Children: Supporting children’s emotional, social, scholastic health and spirit with flower essences with Mark D’Aquila

Flower remedies might be the safest, gentlest, effective and easy to use support tools for children. They are non-invasive, non-toxic and self regulating and have no side effects, just gentle support.
During this class you will learn about the healing benefits of flower remedies for children, their basis for use, and their practical applications.
-Scholastically, remedies to help children address disinterest in school, study difficulties and more.
-Emotionally, remedies that support children as they develop and learn about their emotions.
-Psychologically, chemical free ways to address symptoms of ADD/ADHD and more.
-Spiritually, remedies to support children who are spiritually gifted or opening to spirituality.
-Socially learn about remedies which will support your child’s confidence, individuality, natural talents and more.

4 p.m.: Closing circle in the Great Hall




2015 TerraVita Herbal Symposium Schedule

Teachers and classes are subject to change.

Class Descriptions.

Teacher Bios.

Saturday, February 28th

9-9:30 a.m.: Opening and Introduction in Great Hall

9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.:  Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • Conversations On Health: Inside the Mind of a Seasoned Sagittarian Herbalist with James Green
  • Medicinal Mushrooms with Karen Aguiar and Terri Jensen
  • The Balance of Blood Sugar with Shana Lipner Grover
  • Planning, Planting and Maintaining Your Medicinal Herb Garden with Julie James

12- 1:30 p.m.: Vegetarian lunch included

1:30-4 p.m.:  Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • An Overview of Calming Herbs with Adaptogens with Howie Brounstein
  • Returning to Ease: Flower essences to support pleasure and well being with Mark D’ Aquila
  • Mindful Eating and Organic Gardening: Lessons from the Soil About Personal & Global Sustainability with Deborah Eden Tull
  • Herbal Support for Body Systems with Julie James

4 p.m.-8 p.m.: Market Place, United Plant Savers Auction/Raffle and Herbal Festivities (open to the public)


Sunday, March 1st

9-9:30 a.m.: Welcome and Introduction of the teachers

9 a.m.-4 p.m.: Children’s Program sponsored by Earthroots Field School – includes lunch.

9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.: Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • Adapting to Stress with Howie Brounstein
  • Power of the Sea with Trish Gallagher
  • Health Care for Men and Boys: Information given in celebration of Male Playfulness, Health & Well-being • Lively libidos • Hearty erectile function & Happy loving lust with James Green

12-1:30 p.m: Vegetarian lunch included

1:30-4 p.m: Attendees can take one of the following classes…

  • Mucous and you, managing the flow! With Shana Lipner Grover
  • Herbal Medicine Making, The Next Step: Using Solvents and Techniques Effectively  with Karen Aguiar and Terri Jensen — intermediate/advanced level
  • Happy Healthy Children: Supporting children’s emotional, social, scholastic health and spirit with flower essences with Mark D’Aquila

4 p.m.: Closing circle in the Great Hall


Laguna Beach Tour De Coop — Coops



This year we have nearly a dozen coops in the 2013 Laguna Beach Tour De Coop. Read the coop bios below to find out more about each coop.  Addresses for the coops will be provided at check-in locations on the day of the event. More coop bios will be added shortly…


Reem and Zia Spreading the word at the Laguna Beach Farmer’s Market!










Clara and Jake Candelaria’s Coop:


The idea of raising chickens occured when I planned to retire.  I was on a trip and picked up Chickens 101 and I was hooked. Jake built the coop after researching chicken coops on line.  He found what he needed and after 3 weeks we have a custom built coop to the amount of $550.00.  We purchased the materials at Home Depot.  We bought the chicks, feed, food and water containers at the Wagon Wheel in Tustin.  We bought the large feeder and water fountain for the coop at the Feed Barn in Capo Beach. You really get to know your hens the first 8 weeks because they have to be kept warm under a heat lamp [45watt bulb] in a large pet  porter.  We kept them on a table in our family room.  I took them out every night and cuddled them which they begged to do after a few days.  They would wait by the door.  I am now Mother Hen!! Our hens are Pippi [Americana], Marilyn Monroe [Sex Link], Dottie [Lace Winged Wyandot], and Lorpe [Australorpe]. They are fed fresh spinach and a slice of watermelon every day and are living comfortably in the coop.  [Fort Knox]  Predator proof.


Pamela Hagen’s Coop:

IMG_6377Great pets for my grandchildren..I also have a large Rhode Island Red for eggs. I came into chickens as a young girl, my mother got me a bunch and I have been a chicken mom often since then, they can be great fun!






Dominic+Lisa Pitz’s Coop:

photoNumber of Chickens:   9

Coop Construction Details: The coop itself is made of 2 x 4s and plywood. It has a place for the hens to roost at night and 3 egg boxes. The enclosure is electric netting on the bottom and nylon netting on top.

Right now I have 2 hens laying eggs — a Silver Laced Wyndotte and a Gold Laced Wyndotte. All my other chickens are Pullets which should start laying in a couple months. I have 3 Arracanas which will lay green eggs,2 Austrolorps,1 cochin and 1 silkie.



Tim and Sandy Jones Coop:

coopNumber of Chickens:   7

Coop Construction Details: I spent a lot of time looking at coop designs on the internet and incorporated all of the features I liked into our design.   My favorite is the access to the nesting boxes from the outside.

We left an existing camellia bush inside of the enclosure and my White Crested Black Polish sleeps in it every night!






Mary Deluca’s Coop:

I bought basic standard plans from TheGardenCoop.com a while back knowing that I would need to modify the plans to suit our non-level lot. The only available space required a 12′ x 4′ split-level design.

The actual building of the split level coop was easy, it was the site prep that took the bulk of my effort. I had to move massive amounts of dirt to create a level surface. Also, fearing rodents, raccoons, and coyotes, I dug out an extra foot so that I could put down wire cloth underneath the floor of the coop to ensure that my coop was burrow resistant.

I’m so happy with the results, and proud of my work. It took me a while, as I’m a high school teacher so I had

Musician Bios

As a first violinist in the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Dana Freeman has performed with many of the great artists of our time, including violinists Hilary Hahn and Pinchas Zukerman, pianists Lang Lang and Alicia de Larrocha, and tenors Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.  Freeman has free-lanced extensively throughout Southern California, in the recording industry and in orchestras from San Diego to Santa Barbara.  She has toured the globe with Yanni and Andrea Bocelli. Her string quartet toured and recorded with Neil Diamond and is featured in his box set “Stages” in live recordings at Landsdown Road in Dublin, Ireland.While in high school, Dana Freeman studied at the Peabody Preparatory Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, and at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  After graduation from the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, the Netherlands, Dana joined the Utrechts Symphony. While in Holland, she played with the Netherlands Philharmonic, the Residentie Orchestra, and the National Radio Symphonies.Ms. Freeman has taught violin, viola, chamber music, and orchestral studies at numerous institutions in California, including Concordia University, California State University at Fullerton, Vanguard University, and Rancho Santiago College.  Her private violin students have been accepted to top colleges and universities, including Harvard, Yale, Rice, Johns Hopkins, Oberlin, UCLA, and Princeton. Freeman’s instructional dvds and books for violin and viola are available through Warner Brothers/ Alfred Music Publishing, on line, and in stores worldwide.
Bill Hunker started the bassoon in high school and played in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra and The Missouri All State Band.  He earned music degrees from Indiana University and Rice University.  He attended music festivals, including Kent/Blossom Music, National Repertory Orchestra, Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan, and he  played in the orchestra for an opera festival in Graz, Austria.  He served as bassoonist for two years in the Hong Kong philharmonic and five years in the San Diego Symphony.  Bill was an educational outreach musician for Pacific Symphony’s ‘Class Act’ program.  His interest in teaching kids prompted him to get his teaching credential.  He spent two years teaching music in public schools at the grade school and high school level.  He is currently the music teacher at Anneliese Schools in Laguna Beach.
German born pianist Heinrich Martin has received acclaim for his refined and thoughtful chamber music interpretations and Lied accompaniment on both sides of the Atlantic. The depth of his musicianship has been shared at Festivals throughout Europe, including the Schleswig-Holstein Music festival and the Tonos Melos Festival of St. Petersburg. He was awarded the Deutsche Studienstiftung, a German fellowship which provided support for his continued piano studies and performances.
Ovsep (Joe) Ketendjian graduated with honors from the Tchaikowsky School of Music, and The Komitas Conservatory in his native Armenia. In 1975, he was granted a full scholarship to the Juilliard School of Music where he studied with Dorothy Delay, Joseph Fuchs, Ruggiero Ricci and Felix Galimir.

Ketendjian has performed as soloist and chamber musician throughout the United States, South America and China. He is the founder and first violinist of the Khachaturian Quartet of Los Angeles and is a permanent member of Pacific Symphony. He is active in the motion picture and recording industry in Los Angeles. Ketendjian is a very successful violin teacher and serves as professor of violin at California State University, Los Angeles and a teaching assistant to Dorothy Delay at the Aspen Music Festival.

Luke Maurer joined Pacific Symphony in 2003. A native of Santa Barbara, California, Maurer received his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in viola performance at the University of Southern California (USC), studying with Donald McInnes. While at USC, Luke served as principal violist of the Thornton Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, and was a winner of the Thornton Symphony Concerto Competition. Maurer has participated in summer music festivals at the Music Academy of the West and at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Rudolph Stein, Cellist, Pacific Symphony

TerraVita Herbal Symposium Instructors


IMG_2407William Broen
William Broen is a Southern California based bio regional herbalist  with a background in constitutional herbalism (including 4 years studying at the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in Oakland, Ca) and California Ethnobotany.
William is currently the Southwest Regional Educator for Herb Pharm. He has also been leading herb walks and giving lectures on local medicinal plants for over 15 years, both on his own and through many institutions including the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and the UC Riverside Botanic Garden.

CindyChristCindy Christ

Cindy Christ is an herbalist, aromatherapist, soapmaker, naturalist and educator. She has been building her artisan’s apothecary, Following Seasons Botanicals, for a life time. Growing up in the unique ecosystems of San Diego County, and the gardens of her father and grandmother, Cindy spent time collecting and blending roots, barks, leaves and flowers from near and far to create her herbal potions and potpourris. She has used herbs throughout all the seasons of her life for support and nourishment for herself and her family. Over the last 20 years she has studied with several herb schools, attended numerous conferences, mentored by Kumeyaay Elders, developed nature programs for a museum, and continues her life time education as a student and educator of all things herbal. Cindy’s experience as an instructor include Grossmont Community College, Audubon, Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, San Diego Natural History Museum, and Mission Trails Regional Park. Cindy is a professional member of the National Association for Interpretation, Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, board member of the San Diego Herb Guild, and the founder and director of the Soapmaking Historical Guild. Find Following Seasons Botanicals at local farmers markets, herbal symposiums, botanical gardens, and herbal gatherings.

ShanaBioPic2016Shana Lipner Grover

My name is Shana Lipner Grover and I’m a nature lover, plant medicine explorer and Clinical Herbalist,  working with plant medicine and nutrition for over 15 years.  Sage Country Herbs is a blossoming herbal school and business that is the result of my many years of working and playing in nature.  We have a Botanical Medicine Apprenticeship that is 80% field classes and an ever expanding herbal product line by the same name.  You can find me in Escondido and Laguna Hills regularly teaching  more than 300 hours of classes on Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.  I love to teach and do so whenever I get the opportunity; herb conferences, symposiums and guest lecturing at numerous higher learning establishments; Bastyr University, Prescott college, CSULA PreMed and for Columbines School of Botanical Study in Eugene Oregon, of which I am a graduate. My time is spent going for hikes, exploring ecology as well as offering plant walks, workshops and teaching about local, native and medicinal plants.  I have a clinical practice in North County San Diego with a focus on empowering people and their health through nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal medicine.  Find us at www.sagecountryherbs.com

KirstenHaleelderflowerprofile-3Kirsten Hale

Kirsten lovingly calls herself the Crazy Herbalist and offers Trauma Informed Herbal teachings and consults to folks struggling with their mental wellness in world where mental wellness is hard to come by. She believes that trauma sucks and that our lives can be dramatically enhanced by reengaging with the natural world, the wild self and relationship to our deepest truths. She can be found at www.crazyherbalist.com

Trish Gallagher

Trish Gallagher has been a professional seaweed harvester since 1998. She has been a life long student of natural healing modalities. Trish is a member of the Ocean Protection Coalition, Seeweed Stewardshop Alliance & the Atomic Vererans Assoc. She works to educate about the plants and algae that help strengthen and nourish our bodies to meet the challenges of modern life.She had taught for many years at the NCWHS, Middletown Massage & Herb Clinic and other herbal gatherings on the west coast.

Dan De Lion
Dan De Lion is a Forager, Herbalist, and Musician dedicated to working with Nature to further the healing of the planet and the soul. Dan teaches through Return to Nature (ReturntoNature.us), which provides classes in foraging and herbalism, making homemade remedies from herbs, fermentation and kombucha classes, and primitive and survival skills. He also makes and sells herbal products, teaches music, yoga, chanting, and meditation as well as nutrition and health consultations, mentorships, and group in-home custom herbalism classes.
You can read Dans article on fermentation here: http://returntonature.us/classdescriptions/fermentation/


Julie James

Julie James is an herbalist and director of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, providing herbal education opportunities for people all over Southern California. After almost 3 decades of formal study, apprenticeship, consulting and teaching, she now focuses on expanding understanding of traditional Western herbalism, deep plant love, medicine-making, wellness and holistic nutrition. She has taught for numerous organizations and events, and is the founder of the Roots of Healing Collective and Herb Fest in Southern California. She is the Herbalist-In-Residence for the historic community garden Proyecto Jardin in Boyle Heights, CA, and has created a large body of herbal education curricula for adults and children. Teaching about plant medicines is her passion and her joy. Visit her and check out the calendar of upcoming classes and events at www.greenwisdomherbalstudies.com




Rob Talbert 625x625

Robert Talbert Jr., MS, CAS, RH(AHG)

Robert J. Talbert Jr., MS, CAS, RH(AHG) is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Registered Herbalist. He has a private holistic health practice at Jivaka Ayurveda in Laguna Beach, CA. He is peer-reviewed professional member of National Ayurvedic Medical Association and the American Herbalist Guild. He teaches introductory workshops regularly at Yoga Bungalow in SJC and guides other practicing herbalist in his Advanced Practitioner



Earthroots Field School leads classes year round on organic gardening, survival skills, herbal medicine making, cooking with whole foods, permaculture, bird language, animal tracking, natural building and natural crafts. All programs are outdoors and hands-on, to cultivate a sense of care and connection between people and the natural world. Earthroots programs take place in Orange County, California for kids of all ages, teens and adults.  Earthroots instructors use the art of questioning to inspire curiosity and bring awareness to how all of life is connected. Our 39 acre property, Big Oak Canyon, is becoming a regional demonstration center for habitat restoration, permaculture design and environmental education.
For more information and to get involved: www.earthrootsfieldschool.org



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