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This year we have nearly a dozen coops in the 2013 Laguna Beach Tour De Coop. Read the coop bios below to find out more about each coop.  Addresses for the coops will be provided at check-in locations on the day of the event. More coop bios will be added shortly…


Reem and Zia Spreading the word at the Laguna Beach Farmer’s Market!










Clara and Jake Candelaria’s Coop:


The idea of raising chickens occured when I planned to retire.  I was on a trip and picked up Chickens 101 and I was hooked. Jake built the coop after researching chicken coops on line.  He found what he needed and after 3 weeks we have a custom built coop to the amount of $550.00.  We purchased the materials at Home Depot.  We bought the chicks, feed, food and water containers at the Wagon Wheel in Tustin.  We bought the large feeder and water fountain for the coop at the Feed Barn in Capo Beach. You really get to know your hens the first 8 weeks because they have to be kept warm under a heat lamp [45watt bulb] in a large pet  porter.  We kept them on a table in our family room.  I took them out every night and cuddled them which they begged to do after a few days.  They would wait by the door.  I am now Mother Hen!! Our hens are Pippi [Americana], Marilyn Monroe [Sex Link], Dottie [Lace Winged Wyandot], and Lorpe [Australorpe]. They are fed fresh spinach and a slice of watermelon every day and are living comfortably in the coop.  [Fort Knox]  Predator proof.


Pamela Hagen’s Coop:

IMG_6377Great pets for my grandchildren..I also have a large Rhode Island Red for eggs. I came into chickens as a young girl, my mother got me a bunch and I have been a chicken mom often since then, they can be great fun!






Dominic+Lisa Pitz’s Coop:

photoNumber of Chickens:   9

Coop Construction Details: The coop itself is made of 2 x 4s and plywood. It has a place for the hens to roost at night and 3 egg boxes. The enclosure is electric netting on the bottom and nylon netting on top.

Right now I have 2 hens laying eggs — a Silver Laced Wyndotte and a Gold Laced Wyndotte. All my other chickens are Pullets which should start laying in a couple months. I have 3 Arracanas which will lay green eggs,2 Austrolorps,1 cochin and 1 silkie.



Tim and Sandy Jones Coop:

coopNumber of Chickens:   7

Coop Construction Details: I spent a lot of time looking at coop designs on the internet and incorporated all of the features I liked into our design.   My favorite is the access to the nesting boxes from the outside.

We left an existing camellia bush inside of the enclosure and my White Crested Black Polish sleeps in it every night!






Mary Deluca’s Coop:

I bought basic standard plans from a while back knowing that I would need to modify the plans to suit our non-level lot. The only available space required a 12′ x 4′ split-level design.

The actual building of the split level coop was easy, it was the site prep that took the bulk of my effort. I had to move massive amounts of dirt to create a level surface. Also, fearing rodents, raccoons, and coyotes, I dug out an extra foot so that I could put down wire cloth underneath the floor of the coop to ensure that my coop was burrow resistant.

I’m so happy with the results, and proud of my work. It took me a while, as I’m a high school teacher so I had

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