2017 TerraVita Herbal Symposium Instructors

Kelsey Barrett

Kelsey is a fourth generation Southern Californian. She initiated her herbal studies on a pilgrimage to France, gathering wisdom from traditional European medicine masters. She expanded her engagement with the plant world through an apprenticeship in organic farming with the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, followed by three years of study in Western Herbalism at the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, California. She sharpened her herbal application skills in years of mentorship with Dr. William Morris in Ding lineage pulse diagnosis as presented by Dr. John HF Shen. Kelsey served as a Director at Ohlone for two years, and now serves on the core faculty team at Ohlone. She has a private practice across California, counseling students and clients on creating life-changing strategies for wellness.

Trish Gallagher CMT  Trish’s bio photo
Trish has been a wildcrafter and herbalist for over 30 years using herbs and natural foods as healing support systems. Trish is the founder of wilddevOcean seaweed collective, and practices massage and nutritional healing at Middletown Massage and Herb Collective. Trish lives in community at Spirit Song and manages the dairy herd producing 10-15 dairy shares weekly. The dairy herd maintains health and vitality through natural rearing methods, herbal supplimentation and rotational graze on 360 acres.She has taught many folks to gather and prepare seaweeds for tasty healthy snack food.She now brings her love of food preparation and herbs to the practice of dairy farming.

Shana Lipner Grover  
Shana Lipner Grover is a Clinical Herbalist and Health Educator, who has been working with plant medicine and nutrition for over 15 years. She is the director of Sage Country Herbs School of Botanical Studies and has written and teaches 350 hours of classes in San Diego and Orange counties on herbal medicine and nutrition with Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. She has taught throughout the western US at herb festivals and conferences, like Traditions in Western Herbal Medicine, and has been a guest lecturer for higher learning establishments including Bastyr University and CSULA.. Shana also has a high quality herbal line of products available at her Etsy store, Sage Country Herbs and she loves going for hikes and studying ecology as well as offering plant walks; teaching about edible and medicinal plants. She has a clinical practice in North County San Diego with a focus on empowering people and their health through nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal medicine.

Jeff Higley  
Jeff along with his wife Elise own and farm Oshala Farm, a 113-acre herb farm located in Oregon’s Applegate Valley. Together with his team Jeff grows 72 different herbs for the herb industry and herbalists on the west coast and throughout the United States. Over the last 20 years Jeff has taken his passion for growing plants from a hobby to a lifestyle and career. On top of growing, harvesting and drying nearly a quarter million pounds of herbs per year, Jeff also teaches for OSU Small Farms, and at numerous farming and herbal conferences each season. Jeff is passionate about being a great land steward, while producing the highest quality herbs possible for the herbal community. His knowledge of growing, harvesting and drying herbs is an excellent resource for the home herbal gardener to the professional farmer.


Julie James  
Julie James is an herbalist, and director of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, providing herbal education opportunities for people all over Southern California. After almost 3 decades of formal study, apprenticeship, consulting and teaching, she now focuses on expanding understanding of traditional Western herbalism, deep plant love, medicine-making, wellness and holistic nutrition. She has taught for numerous organizations and events,and has created a large body of herbal education curricula for adults and children. Teaching about plant medicines is her passion and her joy.
Visit her and check out the calendar of upcoming classes and events at www.greenwisdomherbalstudies.com


Sajah Popham  
Sajah Popham brings a fresh and unique perspective to the practice of clinical herbalism through the synergy of medical astrology, alchemy, and integration of ancient teachings for a new paradigm of herbal medicine. As founder of Organic Unity and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, the focus of Sajah’s work is to create a truly holistic model of herbalism, that equally honors the body, spirit and soul of people and plants. His vitalist approach utilizes plants not only for physiological healing, but for the evolution of consciousness. From Bastyr University to the Amazon rainforest, his studies have taken him around the Earth to sit with the worldsbest clinical herbalists, Ayurvedic practitioners, alchemists, medical astrologers, scientists, and indigenous healers- all of which he has synergized into a cohesive and profound system of herbal practice. Sajah’s teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines, the Earth and ourselves. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife Whitney where he teaches, crafts spagyric medicines, and practices his herbal art. For more information about his products and access to a wealth of free teachings, visit www.organic-unity.com & www.evolutionaryherbalism.com

Shannon Rae Pritchard
Born and raised in California, Shannon has resided in the Pacific Northwest for the past ten years studying agriculture, natural building, beekeeping, and the magical ways that nature holds us. Falling into herbalism after befriending herbalist and bee-tender Benjamin Pixie, Shannon has spent the last three years wildcrafting and brewing concoctions that express the symbiosis of honeybees and the magnificent plant world. She and Benjamin host workshops and conversations to pollinate the hearts and minds of humans, in the hopes that we may better learn how to live in service to the wild, and that which feeds us. She is also a builder, dancer, dreamer and fiber artist.


Anja Robinson 
Anja Robinson is founder and lead herbalist of Mana Medicinals. She is a clinical herbalist, wildcrafter, farmer, Ayurvedic wellness coach, and maker of small batch, ethically-made whole plant medicines. Anja works predominantly with local plant allies found in her home area of Southern Oregon- one of the most heavenly diverse biospheres on the planet! Her organic apothecary, herbal consultations, and classes represent a compassionate system of healthcare that bridges the elder, alchemical healing arts with Ayurveda and traditional western herbalism to help people, families and communities lead healthy, vibrant lifestyles in harmony with our sacred ecosystems.


Joel Robinson  
Joel is the founder, executive director, and head naturalist for Naturalist For You. He has guided thousands of curious individuals on professional wilderness tours since 2001. Many organizations and agencies have utilized his talents, including the US Forest Service, Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, The Wildlands Conservancy, the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, Los Padres Forest Association, Silverado Modjeska Park & Recreation District, Santa Ana Mountains Wild Heritage Project, City of Santa Ana, City of Lake Forest, and Orange County Department of Education. He is a Certified Interpretive Guide with the National Association for Interpretation. He writes an environmental blog for OC Weekly. He has been seen on Public Television, Nat Geo Wild, and Syfy Network. His mission is to connect everyone to local wilderness in an effort to raise the level of environmental awareness and stewardship.


Michael Van Sciver  
Michael Van Sciver is currently a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and teacher at the California College of Ayurveda in the Sierra Foothill town, Nevada City. Blessed with an intellect wondering at Life and Its mechanisms, since a child he has tried his best in each moment to maintain a scientific mindfulness, thus allowing his cognition and awe to grow in unity. The threads of his experiences and influences have graced him with a rich tapestry of diverse knowledge, with which he is able to present his insights. These disciplines of study include the extensive pursuit of the western sciences: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as well as an abundant access to deep lineages of knowledge in: Vedic Sciences, Herbalism, and Permaculture. Michael’s teachings intend to serve as a bridge between these two magnificent hemispheres of culture and wisdom. With deep bows of gratitude to his perfect teachers, he offers himself as a vessel through which The Living Science of Harmonious Being, Ayurveda, may flow.


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